I study digital media, cognition, and how to help people become better thinkers in a digital world.

Institute of Communications Research


My research program uses experimental methods from cognitive and social psychology to investigate three inter-related characteristics of what I believe determine truly sophisticated thinkers in our digital landscape. Those are: 1) understanding how various cognitive strategies and techniques made possible by digital media influence short- and long- term communicative and cognitive goals, 2) knowing how media users monitor and control the state of information available “in the head” and information out in the world in pursuit of their various goals, and 3) understanding how certain characteristics of technology can impair these monitoring and control processes. By studying these interactions, a major goal of my research involves thinking about ways to conceptualize and study digitally-mediated cognitive processes and behaviors in increasingly complex media environments.


I'm moving!

I accepted an offer from the Department of Communication at UC Santa Barbara to join their faculty as a tenure-track assistant professor in digital communication.

In Fall 2020, I will begin building a Media Skills Research Lab to study aspects of strategic media skill, especially as it relates to strategic encoding (which digital (or non-digital) strategy should I use?), metacognition (how do I know what I know?), and technological heuristics (which aspects of tech impair these monitoring and control processes?). If you would like to get involved in this research, please contact me.